Oh My!

Oh, yes, Sassy Condiments!  I guess you should be expected to remember everything!  Ha!  Well, I have a new blog to write and yesterday, with life happening, it passed by without a thought.  Shame on me!

Kid #4 now has a job and yesterday worked his first day at Taco Bell.  I think he is missing working with Animals as a Vet Tech but when you move from Texas to Ohio, you take what you can get.  We have yet to find the rent fairy.

Oh, did I tell you Kid #4 sent me a “grab the tissue” text last night?  He is homesick and I am proud to say he loves his mama!

I do need to say that this pretty young thing in his arms is the reason he now lives in Ohio, and in his defense, I think they are the cutest couple!


i my kids! 

Kid #5, now this is my only girl, and wow!  Has she grown up.  Not only is she a tall pretty thing, she has made an impact on so many lives.  She has been working in an environment that helps mentally disabled adults.  Due to her age, she has not been able to work directly with the clients but she has befriended them all.   

Unfortunately, because of a glitch in life, she now has no job.  Due to this being a family operation, the family went through a divorce and you know how nasty things can get sometimes.  It’s just too bad that people lost their jobs and that clients lost loving people who care about them.

These are just two of the reasons life flew so quickly yesterday

…just too many Sassy Condiments!

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  1. sassycondiments
    Jun 15, 2010 @ 14:00:03

    As Mom, I just have to say…I LOVE DIMPLES and ROSY CHEEKS!

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