Coffee Coffee Coffee

This little beverage has never been something I enjoy.  Being a Texan, you drink your coffee hot and black…well, at least in the circle of my family and friends. 

My family has always thought there was something wrong with me.  I don’t like coffee very much and I can barely tolerate peanut butter.  The bitter bite of the coffee is just something I have never acquired a taste for.  That is, unless I’m camping and it’s a nippy, brisk morning…then I have about a 1/2 cup that’s been brewed over an open fire.

I do know that in this household, we go through a pot of coffee a day.  That’s the limit!  As a kid when I would spend the summers with my Grandmother, she had a Corningware coffee pot.  You may or may not remember but it was a white electric percolator with the blue Corning flower on the front.  It must have been a law or something because I think everyone has one of these coffee pots….ahhhhh…I digress.  To this day, she still has this love for her coffee!

Daily, start with your fresh coffee beans.  Now, understand the new rule is do not store your coffee beans in the freezer.  It brings the oils out and ruins the bean.  It’s also near-a-law in this house to buy the organic Dark Italian beans, it’s the high-octane, clean burning stuff.


Grind these little babies in a nifty little grinder


brew…and end up with this


Sip and enjoy!

Oh, pour another cup if ya’ need to, to get your engine running!


My life is much nicer because of Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!!!  My household would be in such chaos in the mornings without this cup of…love?….joy?…go juice?…  I don’t know what it is but everyone gets real cranky without it.  Soooo, though I don’t really care for coffee, I love it! …love it! …love it!!!

I hope that if you are a coffee person,

you have had your daily quota by now.

If not, quick, grab a cup now, kick back and enjoy!

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