93 Sandwich Bags

93…Now I am confused!

For a month or so, I have had a box of Glad Sandwich Bags.  No big deal, they’re just sandwich bags with the little single yellow and blue zipper that you squeeze your fingers against and run across the top of the bag.

That’s not where I am confused.

The part that confuses me is 93 bags.  Now, why in the world are there 93 bags in this oversized box?  Glad doesn’t try to hide the 93 from me, it’s right there in a red box in the corner.

♦  Why not 100 bags?

♦  How about 99 bags?

♦  Why not 75?

What’s the magic formula that led someone in marketing or management to put 93 bags in a box?  Omitting an olive in the martini’s, you know, it saved an airline millions.  Does someone just like playing with graphics and printing equipment?  Maybe it’s job security for a high-powered brainiac with Glad.

Surely someone…somewhere knows.

But clueless me…as a consumer, I have no idea! 

Am I the only person that notices these crazy little things? 

I can’t be!

Ok!  My curiosity got the best of me!  I called customer service.  (I can just see it now, my kids would be rolling their eyes saying “Maaaaawm!”  But they also would expect nothing less of me.)  Are you as curious as I am?  Wanna’ know what they said?

After Scott politely said “Good Morning, how may I help you?”

I ask my simple question…why 93 bags?

There is this little chuckle on the other end of the line.

“I have no idea, that’s a good question.” 

We did converse for a few minutes and Scott stated he wished he had a better answer.  He felt sure research was involved.

In the end, he once again said “I wish I had a really good answer.  I hope you have a nice weekend.”

Hmmmmm, so I ask you, why 93 bags?


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