Who is Someone that Makes You…

I think I am going to try something new.  On Sunday’s I will have a question and I will give you my answer.  There is no wrong answer and it’ a rhetorical one at that…just something for you to ponder or something that will bring a smile to your lips and a twinkle in your eyes.

Who is someone that makes you…


It makes me smile to know that Kid #3 came home safely to this

beautiful little sweetheart. 



No less smiles because of Kid #2 either when he came home to

his two adorable kiddo’s.


Both Kid #2 and Kid #3 were serving their country at the same time. 

This left me walking the fence of worry daily.


Double Edged Sword

My life has been blessed with the homecoming of these Kids.  I know there are too many that have not returned home to play with their children or to hug a spouse or parent.

My heart is sad for this and my love and gratitude go straight to these families.

But I also feel JOY!

I have my freedom because of someone’s children.

I smile because I am thankful they loved us!


Oh!  Did I tell you that it’s not just Kids #2  and #3 that make me smile? 

It’s all 5 of them!



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