Meet Miss Millie

Millie 11/02/1917 – 07/04/2010

I love giggles!

Grandmother about a month after she moved in with us. 

She had gained back about 30 pounds during this month, she wasn’t as frail.


When I first started writing, it was because I knew I needed something for me to do.  I know I was doing a very important “job” by taking care of my Grandmother but to be honest, I felt as though I was losing me in the process.  It sounds selfish!  But I learned a long time ago that if I don’t take care of myself, I won’t have the ability to care for others.  It doesn’t matter if it is physically, mentally or emotionally.

Just before my Grandfather went into the Navy during WWII.


When we moved her into the house, she had just turned 92 about 6 weeks prior.  Though she was in pain, lots of pain, we were able to get a handle on that.  If you have any questions about neuropathy, I have her experience.  We know what took her neuropathy pain away.  Her mind was intact, and oh my! she was a spunky little “tart”. 

The arrangement wasn’t always a loving TV show!  We argued.  Actually, she liked it, it helped her mind focus and be engaged.  It wasn’t something I relished because I abhor arguing.  It normally is so unproductive.  We also laughed, we talked, we nursed, we fed and most of all we loved each other.



While living on the farm in Oklahoma


Towards the end, she was able to do less and less.  She really didn’t pass due to an illness.  She passed because she had led a full life.  She was tired, she was ready to see God, my grandfather, her late husband, her daughter, her mother, her father and all others in her life who had passed before her.

I can’t tell you what I will most miss about her.  I know for all of us in her life, we have lost a powerful Prayer Warrior!  That will be missed dearly.  Right now, I just have to believe we still have our Prayer Warrior and that she has a stronger connection.

Shortly after moving back from Algiers, Algeria

My dear Millie is the biggest reason for my love of the kitchen.  Over the  years, she provided me with a gorgeous set of cookbooks.  Many many years, I would spend the summer with my Grandmother. She also watched me ruin bacon and eggs time and time again until I got them right, I think I  was about 9 or 10 years old.  She was always so proud that she was such a big part of why I love cooking!  And you know what, she had every reason to be proud.  Because of her, I am very good in the kitchen…just don’t ask me to “bake” too often…unless it’s bread!


50th Wedding Anniversary


I love you and miss you both,
♥ Grandmother and Granddaddy! ♥


I will celebrate your life and all the Sassy Condiments you served up!


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