Tipping is a custom we’re all to familiar with.  Do you tip 10%, 18%, 20%…or what?  Then there’s that time you tip one penny!  You’re right, one cent because the service was soooo terrible.  That waiter or waitress just couldn’t find their own rear end with their own hands on a sunny day, much less in the dark.

Well, I really don’t get the acronym. 

TIP’s = To Insure Proper Service. 

Shouldn’t we TIP before we order? 

If we tip after a meal, shouldn’t that be

RYS = Rating Your Service?

Eating out is not something that happens in this household very often.  What I mean by that is maybe we eat out twice a year, but usually only once and that’s for our anniversary.  Waiters and Waitresses don’t know our faces since we are not frequent flyers but they do like it after we leave if they have given righteous service.  Even a 30% tip is common, only because this is a special occasion for us and they have help to provide a memorable experience for our night.

TIPS not only apply to dining out, but many other services.  Oh, before I forget, do you TIP at the drive thru window of the fast food joint?  They are making minimum wages (probably).  They work hard.  Do you tip your street vendor?  They are working hard to provide you with an experience, not just good tasting food.

Here is a sample list of other services that you should tip and how much:

Hotel Housekeeping $2-$5  
Tour Guide $1-$5 per person in the party
Skycap or Bellhop $1-$2 per bag – If they rush, tip more
Doorman   Only tip if giving good info on where to eat or where to go
Massage Therapist 10-20% of the total cost
Nurses   Now that’s a new one on me and most hospitals don’t allow it but can you imagine the care you would receive?

For a more comprehensive list, check out The Gentleman’s Guide to Tipping.  There is more good info in the comments section.  So be sure to check out the comments.

How do you feel about the custom of  TIPS and TIPping?

Confession:  Occasionally I will grab a quick bite when I’m out and about but to me that is not eating out

…only sustenance.


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