15 Minutes More, That’s All!

This morning I woke in a mood that is not one of my best.  I am feeling a little sorry for myself.

I will allow myself another 15 minutes of self sorrow for today.  That’s it!  Only 15 minutes more.  I have indulged in enough for today.  You see, most of my family is headed to Tulsa, Oklahoma to bid farewell to my Grandmother tomorrow morning.  Due to starting a new part-time job a couple of weeks ago and taking the second week off, if I wanted to keep I job, I felt guilty for asking for more time off.  Guess what.  No, I didn’t ask for time off. 

Sometimes I make a decision and I have no idea whether it was the right one or the wrong one.  Do I go with my heart?  Do I take the path that leads down the road to “this is what I need to do” or what “I want”?  I guess there is no way of knowing until we have traveled farther down the road of life.

Well, my 15 minutes are almost up.  My life must go forward for today.

I just have to give myself a time limit on sorrow and misery.  This way, I can indulge but not waste too much of my life.  I will spend my life working on personal actions that bring me closer to the places I want to be in my life and my heart.

I hope your Sassy Choices bring you happiness and comfort. 

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