USB Wireless Thingy


Yesterday I told you about my USB Wireless Thingy.  Well, I learned this is a solution but not a very good one.  It was like using dial-up with a phone line that has an interrupting connection.  I am glad to be back in the age of today!

I learned that when the WLAN is disconnected, my computer shows that I have a connection but the little green light doesn’t come on…thus no connection.  On my system tray on the bottom of the screen, there are two arrows facing opposite directions that are stacked on top of one another.  I was going crazy trying to figure out how to turn it on, it had all this fill-in-the-blank stuff.  I had no clue what they wanted.  I went on a crazy info hunt on the internet in

s-l-o-w       m-o-t-i-o-n.


Finally, I called Kid #4 and he remembered.  He told me just where to go.  I didn’t have to fill in anything!

Just in case you are wondering, I am using a Sony Vaio.  Evidently this is a common problem with this equipment.  Go figure.  They don’t count on people like me…much less the those that don’t know how to get the thing out of the box and turn it on!

Thank God for Kids!  Hey, Kid #4!  You are my Hero today! 

Youth and their Sassy Brains!  God Love ‘Em!


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