Websites: Renew, Rant & Review

Cooking has so many gratifications!  There is smell, texture, technique, flavor, and a semi-immediate gratification.  (Just depends on the complexity of the recipe.)  This all intrigues me!  The best part is watching others as they bite into something I have created with my own two hands, to see the bliss and enjoyment.  That is my ultimate high!

The world’s largest cookbook is at our fingertips with the internet.  Don’t get me wrong.  I absolutely cherish my hardback and paperback cookbooks.  I have shelves of them.  My family thought I was crazy when we moved and I had to bring my babies.  I think they secretly didn’t want to carry boxes of books to the moving truck.  Well, maybe it wasn’t such a big secret.

It just seems there are a couple of quick go-to sites that I frequent.  One of my favorite has been Recipezaar.  Loved the site, and the set up.  For the most part, it was easy to navigate.  The only thing I wasn’t thrilled about was the placement of my personal recipe book, the collection of ‘I Have Tried’s’  and the ‘Maybe Some Day’ recipes.

Well, I have been clicking along

and find out it changed


Just call me stuck in a rut but I really have a problem with it when websites change their name and look.  It’s now  Just ordinary people like you and me add your recipe, others try it and rate it.  For the love of Pete!  I could remember Recipezaar, but now they expect me to remember something simple – really simple like  How am I supposed to remember something so generic?  Especially when we have all had FoodTV drummed into our brains?

 There are a lot of these sites now but some of the people connected with this site have some really nice recipes.  All the way from simple snacks to elaborate dishes.

Well, they have now added more advertising and moved the comments areas.  The advertising is much larger.  I really don’t mind people wanting to generate income, not at all.  Just don’t move my favorite part, the reviews!

Although I am grumpy about it, I’m sure I will continue and adjust.


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