Street Food with a Sassy Offer

Moto Espresso

 Now with two carts 

Your business, your choice…we will stage where you like.
Call 224-0719.
Monterey Bay Area, California U.S.A.


Street Food has been around for generations!  …but…Street Food is making a come-back!  Truthfully, I am really glad.  Many of the carts of today are traditional but there is a new guy in town.  It’s the Gourmet Food Cart and Vendor.  Several places I’m aware of that are very ‘Cart Friendly’ are in Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington and Austin, Texas.  

This doesn’t mean that the regulations are always friendly.  The cities have seen a large diverse group of carts come into these areas and people are loving them!  Regulations, some but not so many that it strangles the system, are good for the consumers.  Your food is served to you from a cart is just as safe, or safer than a restaurant.  Are you asking “why safer“?  Well, the inspectors get many complaints because the restaurants don’t like the Cart Owners treading on their territory.  Therefore, they are inspected by the Health Department on a frequent basis.  Again, more often than a brick and mortar restaurant. 

When it comes to food, my rule of thumb is to let the nose and long lines lead you to fill your tummy with goodness. 

When you meet someone with a food cart, you will more than likely encounter a human being that is working not only to please your taste buds but to share life with you.  Cart people as a general rule really like people and the interaction the customers provide.  Of course you know there always has to be a grump in the group somewhere! 

Be sure to look in your area for a food vendor.  You may be pleasantly surprised! 

Here are a few of the types of food besides the traditional hot dog you will find on a street cart: 

  • stuffed crepes
  • Indian dosa
  • Asian inspired tacos
  • French taco trucks with escargot, frog legs, heirloom tomatoes, mushrooms, etc.
  • exotic meat hot dogs such as alligator, reindeer, antelope, etc.
  • kabobs
  • cupcakes
  • pies
  • stuffed waffles
  • Mediterranean food
  • Moroccan flavors
  • Lamb cigars
  • grass-fed burgers
  • Kobe hot dogs
  • Taiwanese-style fried chicken
  • dim-sum
  • stuffed croissants

This list could go on forever but I am now starving! 

If you know a vendor with a cart, be sure to ask them about catering; many do.  Carts are fun and fabulous for parties, graduations, birthdays, corporate events, picnics, weddings, and yes – even funerals. 

A Sassy Offer

If you are a cart owner, would you like free advertising? 

I will create a directory right here with your listing 

– no cost to you or anyone!- 

Here is what I need from you, the vendor: 

  1. Name of Business
  2. Your Name (let me know if you do or do not want this publicized
  3. Location (In the USA: address, city, state & zip) [Other countries, info that represents the same]
  4. Your Specialty
  5. Phone Number
  6. Website
  7. Twitter Address
  8. Face Book Name
  9. Normal Hours of Operation
  10. Do you cater?
  11. A picture of your cart (.jpg)
  12. One (.jpg) 2″x4″ coupon *optional (Please do not include an expiration date as these will remain on this site)

Send information to:  SassyCondiments (at) g mail (dot) com 



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mcw
    Jul 21, 2010 @ 09:28:47

    very nice

  2. Janice
    Jul 22, 2010 @ 10:02:52

    How appropriate to have the the Moto Expresso on your website, as the people who own this little enterprise are super people who love life and love communicating with others in a positive way. They definitely are the special condiments that go along with the service they provide.

  3. James (Jim) Henderson
    Jul 23, 2010 @ 15:39:42

    this is one of the best things sent slice bread

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