Thank You for Two


The Dog Hut

There are two more vendors I want to say Thank You to.    

Thank you Tracy and Tim!   


They both gave permission for me to use pictures of their Hot Dog carts in yesterday’s post.  I want to share them with you today.   


The Dog Hut

I remember when Tracy ordered her cart.  The day it arrived she was so excited!  There is no way to estimate her excitement.  It sounded like it a cross between a kid on Christmas morning and a long-awaited trip to the Candy Store all rolled into one.  It even had to be unwrapped!   

Big Truck
The Big Truck

It started with this big box…   

The Box

Then the “small” box…   


Opening a New World

and I am sure there had to be giggles and dancing!   



I have to say, I love the name!   

I want you to notice the happy face on this man.    

Doesn’t it make you want to grow up to be just like him?   

(Check out that 2nd picture again.)   


Tim Jackson

 He is having just way too much fun!   


Tim's Kitchen

 It’s amazing the amount of delicious food you can produce in a kitchen this size!   


Home of WeBeDogs

This is the beautiful background for WeBeDogs kitchen.   

Just gorgeous!   

How to find Tracy and Tim


Visit Tracy at her website The Dog Hut  or her Facebook page  

 Her physical location is in Raleigh, North Carolina  


  Visit Tim and WeBeDogs in Anchorage, Alaska  





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