Bucket Lists

Do you have a bucket list? 

The Jump

One of my younger brothers sure does.  

I so admire him and his adventures.  

Brother in Blue

ahhh!  How I love the wind in my face! 

This guy has to be one of the busiest guys I have ever known and he still finds time to fervently work on his bucket list. 

He rides his bike all over the country. 

He is trying to make a personal showing at all major league ball fields, Superbowl’s, etc….I think that’s the story, just don’t quote me.    

I have no idea what all is on his bucket list because it is none of my business.  But it sure is fun to hear about it after he’s checked another one of the list! 

I was the gleeful recipient of pictures.  He sent me pictures of a recent bucket jump list accomplishment.  Skydiving.  I am soooo jealous.  I had the nerves to raise 5 kids but I don’t know if I have the gumption to skydive.  In retrospect, maybe I have things backwards?


To date, my idea of a bucket list is watching Mr. B take my homemade soap, grate it and fill the bucket so I can make laundry soap.  

That’s a nice clean bucket list! 


4 pound Soap Blocks


The soap supply is low! 

Time to work on MY Sassy Bucket List!

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