Your Body Produces Nitrites

.This is your Science and Health Lesson for the day.


All too often I see people commenting about not eating foods containing Nitrites, NaNO2.

Why are they bad if our

body produces Nitrites?

Sodium nitrite is produced in the human body by the action of saliva on sodium nitrate, and is important in controlling bacteria in the stomach, to prevent gastroenteritis. The body produces more sodium nitrite than is consumed in food.

Here are a few of those foods:

  • sausages
  • hot dogs
  • lunch meats
  • ham
  • bacon

Do you eat spinach?  A spinach salad will produce more nitrite in your body than preserved meats.

NaNO2 is used as a preservative in foods. 

It seems the jury is still out on this one as to whether it is healthy or not. 

Anything can be bad for you!  Anything!  Water, if you drink too much water too fast, even that can kill a person.  I don’t eat processed meats every day.  But I sure don’t want you to take them away from me either.

You can look at this site and it will scare the pants off you.  One of my questions, who funded these studies?

Again, your body produces Nitrites.  This is a scientific fact.   

This study even states Nitrites can help heart attack victims.  Source:  University of Texas Health Science Center of Houston.  Personally, I have to place more credence in this study than the stories that make you go willy-nilly.  Dr. Bryan is also a member of the American Heart Association.

Do your own research.  My personal opinion:  Eat a hot dog or brat every day for lunch and enjoy it without worry.

It’s your body.  You be the judge.  I just wanted to present both sides of the story.

 Just a Sassy FYI!

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