Wandering Uniform…with a Tilt

If you haven’t already realized, my mind wanders in to rather obscure places sometimes.  Chances are, I can tell you exactly the paths it took to get to the final question.

Let’s pretend I decided to ask how you feel about your daily uniform.   What is your daily uniform?  Do you wear a suit and tie; a dress with hose and heels? Ladies, is your hair all fancied up or do you just pull it back to be cool, or maybe for safety reasons?  A uniform is not just about the clothes but includes the hair, beard for the guys and everything else down to the shoes.

It probably started oh, let’s say 3 or 4 hours ago when I saw a catalog for chef’s clothing and accessories.  Put the catalog down and didn’t think about it again. 

Now, I’m thinking, “WOW!  It’s sure hot and humid today!”   Then as time passes, I’m thinking, “Do I really have to change my home-alone shorts and t-shirt to go to the store?  But I sure do need to pick up a pound of sausage.”

After procrastinating about the sausage, my mind wanders to “…I feel so bad for those people who have to wear a uniform to work!”  and in my mind a see a man in a hot summer suit, chef behind a stove in a hot commercial kitchen, even the garbage truck guys…they have to wear those thick leather gloves to protect their hands.  Then it drifts…to the cooler place in life…ahhhh!  The uniform of a lifeguard.  “No, I’m glad I’m in my baggy t-shirt and home-alone shorts.”

That’s when I have a brilliant idea!  I think I will talk about Uniforms today.  I am really curious as to what kinds of uniforms people wear in the realms of my world.

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