A tiny, miniscule, little bitty portion of my collection of cookbooks…

Well, this is only a few of them…a very few.  My collection started out when I was much younger.  My Grandmother started it!  It’s all her fault!  Every year Southern Living published an annual cookbook with a collection of the recipes that have been published in the monthly magazine.  She sent me one every year for over 20 years!  Even some of the special editions too, like the Christmas and Holiday editions.

Before that, I enjoyed  looking through her various cookbooks and the bazillions of little recipes she had cut out of the newspaper and magazines. 

I love my collection but I have learned most of them now collect dust.  I tend to look to bloggers and rely on my imagination for recipes.  Yes, I like to experiment.  I guess it’s laziness because to me, I love it when I can take the time, to sit down in a big soft comfy chair and peruse thru one or even a stack of cookbooks.  My imagination really starts to kick in.  To date, I can’t recollect anyone passing due to my cooking or even ending up with an adverse reaction.  But I will say that there have been a number of flops…like…oh!  never mind!  Maybe one day I will tell you about a few of them.

But my initial thought today, what is my favorite cookbook?  Well, there’s Fannie Farmer, The Joy of Cooking, the good old reliable Better Homes and Garden cookbook (that has disappeared), my Diana Kennedy authentic Mexican cookbooks, my various charcuterie (sausage making) cookbooks, and…and…and…

I have too many favorites!  It just depends on what’s on the stove, or should say what I want on the stove.  Oh no!  I just cannot, I repeat cannot forget my canning books! 

Please tell me the name of

your favorite cookbook(s)!

I may need to add to my collection!

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