Drag & Draw

The Drag and Draw Gun Vault

I wish it had been available way back when!

The Drag and Draw Gun Vault only opens with your unique fingerprint.   You are able to store 9 (nine) separate prints but my question there is who lets nine people have access to their weapon? 

 Just drag your finger over the sensor and draw.

 Many many moons ago when my youngest two children were babies, I was married to a man who absolutely decided I needed a revolver.  It was a beauty.     I loved it!   Honestly though, I don’t remember what it was but I do remember one of my siblings being very upset that I sold it.  He wanted it.

Why did I sell?  Well, the babies became toddlers.  The older of the babies had a real fascination for firearms.  The other was a monkey.  There is nothing that this child could not reach.  Let me put it this way, Poison Control and I were on a first name basis!  Honest!  It didn’t matter what precautions I took, that child was capable of finding it or getting into it!  It did not matter how buried or locked up it was.  So you can understand a handgun was totally out of the question.

Not just because of children!  With a gun vault like this, you are always loaded and ready to go.  I am one that is always hopeful that no one has to brandish a weapon for self-defense.  But if you feel safer knowing you are protected, this may be the key for you.

So if you keep a firearm, this may be a viable option for you.  With shipping, it’s around $200.  A reasonable price for peace of mind and safety.

Disclaimer:  Once again, I am not associated with this company.  I have never met the people.  I make no money from telling you about this product. This is only a PSA (Public Service Announcement).  All I do ask is that you tell them where you heard about the Drag & Draw Gun Vault.  I like people to know you love me. <grin>



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  1. Rich
    Feb 09, 2011 @ 12:59:21

    The reason one would want multiple fingerprints to be recognized is not only for multiple adults in the home to have access, but also if you damage the only finger that is entered into the safe’s recognized fingerprints, you will not have access if and when you need it. I recommend entering at least two fingerprints, one on each hand so, if you cut one finger, or damage one in caustic chemicals like lime or bleach or even just over soak a finger in water, you will have another finger that will be recognized.

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