Shaving Cream

How many uses are there for

Shaving Cream?

The most logical is:  <drum roll> …shaving!

Now that that one is out of the way, do you know some of the others?

Bathroom Mirrors:  Clean your bathroom mirrors with shaving cream to keep them from fogging up.

Carpet:  Squirt shaving cream on the spot.  Scrub it with a brush.  Wipe it off with a damp cloth. Blot dry with a dry clean towel.  (Spot-test behind a door or in a closet first.)

Fingernail Polish Remover:  Remove the spilled fingernail polish off clothing, carpet, etc.

Bathroom Fixtures:  Polish your bathroom fixtures for an amazing shine.  Apply with a soft cloth and wipe off.

Chrome Car Rims:  Shine your car rims the same way you spiff up your bathroom fixtures.

Kitchen Appliances:  Chrome in the kitchen is the same as your bathroom and your chrome car rims. Apply with a soft cloth and polish.

Wash Your Dirty Hands:  No water, squirt shaving cream on your hands, even scrub under those nails and wipe dry.

Baseball Gloves:  Need to break in a new baseball glove?   Rub the palm of the glove with shaving cream, squeeze together and allow to sit for 4 hours or so.

Wedding Rings:  Using an old toothbrush, scrub your rings with shaving cream, rinse and they shine like new.

Door Hinges:  No WD-40 to spray on the hinges?  Spray shaving cream on the hinges.  Use that old toothbrush again to work the cream into the hinge, moving the door back and forth.  Wipe off with a dry towel.  Also use on the tracks of a sliding door or lubrication or to quiet that squeak.

Upholstery:  Squirt on the fabric (test first in a hidden place).  Using a damp towel or cloth, rub gently.  Rub with a clean dry towel.

Soap Scum:  Whether the tub, sink or countertops, use shaving cream to clean it in a jiffy.

Leather Sneakers:  Use to clean white leather sneakers.

Hair Spray:  Remove hair spray from mirrors and walls without leaving residue.

 All from a Sassy can of Shaving Cream!

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