“Can I Do You a Basement?”

Don’t you love telephone solicitations? 

While living up north, Mr. B received a phone call from a guy asking “Can I Do You a Basement?”  Well, you know how these calls can go.  Mr. B repeatedly tried to tell the guy that he didn’t have a basement.  He knew he calling was trying to set up an appointment to seal  the basement from water.  This is a necessary evil where the water tables are high.

After trying time and time again, the caller would not listen to Mr. B.  He continued to demand an appointment to “Do You a Basement”.  Finally, Mr. B grew weary of the conversation and told him “okay”.  In a joking way he said “sure, I would love you to come do me a basement.”  He was curious to know how this guy was going to make it happen.  Did he have a new method of jacking up the house and digging a basement?  What did the caller have up his sleeve?

On the appointed date at the appointed time, the salesman shows up.  He had driven approximately 165 miles for this appointment.  I am not kidding you!  This guy was from the other side of the state!  He wanted business!  Mr. B’s business.

As  you can well imagine, Mr. Salesman drove up, saw the house and was furious Mr. B did not have a basement.  After a brief exchange of words, Mr. Salesman got in his car and drove away – in an angry fashion.

I often wonder if the appointment setters had to

change their transcripts after that day.

This was so laughable since the caller would not listen.  Determination drove the salesman 165 miles and listening would have prevented this poor guys high blood pressure.

How do you handle calls from people

who just won’t listen?

I would love to hear your Sassy Answer!


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