What is YOUR Favorite Gadget Contest

We’re speaking of kitchen gadgets here.

I have so many that my kitchen runneth over.  But there are so many I don’t have.  My wish list could be 3 miles long on a bad day.  Let’s not even think about a good day!

Over the last year, I have begun to see a theme with what is becoming my favorite gadget. 

 Yes, you have seen it!

It’s my cheap little “Handy-Dandy __________”.


It measures my mini-meat loaves.  Two scoops makes the perfect size personal serving.

Three or four scoops makes the perfect bowl of ice cream.

1 scoop, a perfect serving size for potato salad or cole slaw.

1 scoop, just the right amount for a brimming full BBQ or Sloppy Joe sandwich – heaped high if using the big buns!

Dipping batter into a muffin cup?  Just the right amount.


Because I am so in love with my cheap little “Handy-Dandy _________”,

I want to share with someone.

Here is a cute little red handle one. 

I just don’t understand why they insist on calling it an

Ice Cream Scoop!

I have this brand new little guy that is feeling unloved.  He has been stashed away for a year now and still hasn’t been used.  All you have to do is tell me a new (food) use for this little guy in the comment section and you will be entered in a random drawing for your very own multi-tasking, indispensable, can’t live without it cheap kitchen gadget.  Oh!  You also need to tell me what your favorite kitchen gadget is and why.

Since this is a long weekend, I think we should make the deadline noon Central Time on Labor Day!

Looking forward to your Sassy Use!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Roger
    Sep 03, 2010 @ 00:26:02

    My favorite kitchen gadget tool is the Handpresso. What is that? It’s a hand-held espresso machine which has a built in pump contained within the porta-filter. Pump up to 15 bars, watch the analog gauge, add an ESE pod, hot water and press the button. You will have a shot of your favorite espresso along with some impressive crema! It’s great at work, the kitchen or in the mountains or beach…take it anywhere it’s versatile. About $120.00

  2. sunnyside
    Sep 25, 2010 @ 14:40:03

    I know it’s after the deadline but wanted to share this with you. My brother-in-law had his own bakery in Mass. for 21 years. He used an ice cream scoop to scoop up batter from the large mixing bowls and into the paper cups of his muffin tins before baking his wonderful muffins. Just ‘scoop and release’ and made it an easier job and less hassle and cleanup. Hope this tip helps someone!

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