Organizing and Planning


I am not one of the World Champions for keeping my life organized.  When structure is mandatory in my life, I live with an Organizer for my daily Bible.  Actually, I wish there was a better term for something we live by that is earthly.  I feel I’m being sacrilegious to God’s Word.  That may sound like a strange personal conviction, but it is mine.

Back to Organizing and Planning.  There are day timers, calendars and planners.  But as a vendor, my needs would not be met with a “buy-me-in-the-store” planner.  That is my reasoning for creating an Organizer and Planner suited for the Street Vendor.  At this time, the planner is for the Hot Dogger.  Everything at my fingertips while I’m out-and-about.

My “ready-to-complete” contracts are at my fingertips.  Mileage forms so I can be ready at tax time, a calendar for scheduling, tasks, a daily Hot Dogger’s History, including many things from costs to keeping track of the weather.  These are a few of the basics that are in The Hot Dog Vendor’s Bible.

My favorite part of this?  It can be customized for any Street Vendor!  Not a Hot Dogger?  Instead you vend BBQ?  Not a problem.  I will customize this for your specialty and personal needs.  In addition, if there is another form to help me organize even more, I will be able to add it to the planner.  Refills will be available.  No need for a new system every year.

I am so Excited!

I think this is something All Street Vendors will benefit from!

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