A Beautiful Heart!


Many of you in the Hot Doggin’ world know that one some of our Doggin’ friends lost their home in a fire Sunday night.


We are blessed that they are physically well.

Time is needed to heal the other wounds. 

Mrs. Hot Dogger has a love for animals.  Some of the animals were saved.  Tragically, cherished pets perished in the fire; some of whom were being boarded for a friend.  Understanding her love for animals, this would be emotionally crushing.

Though their home was lost along with all of their personal belongings, nothing compares to the loss of lives.

Because Mrs. Hot Dogger is a true lady with a big heart, she has asked that people not make donations to them.  They will be okay financially.


If you would like to help and to honor the loves of her life,

Here is a quote from Mrs. Hot Dogger:

Donations are not needed. But if you wish to honor the animals that perished in this horrible fire, please consider adopting a pet from your local shelter or make a donation to the rescue group that I work with, the Animal Adoption League, www.mynextpet.com. I will keep in touch…”

Donate My Next Pet

(click here)

Thank you Mrs. Hot Dogger for having such a beautiful heart!

Please keep Mr. and Mrs. Hot Dogger in your prayers as they rebuild their lives.


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