Goosey Night

Did you survive Goosey Night?  Or did you participate in Cabbage Night?

Are you asking what Goosey Night is? 

Goosey night is the night before Halloween.  Some of the other names are Mischief night or Cabbage night.  Until the last few years, I really didn’t know there was a name for the night before Halloween.  Well, I do remember few other names.  One year, somewhere around my Senior year in High School, I remember there was a witch’s convention in the same town I lived in.  Never mind – I am talking about the Mischief!  the Fun!  the Pranks!

Did you ever make Mr. Whipple proud?

As a  teenager did you ever TP (toilet paper) a house?  What kind of pranks did you play on your friends or neighbors?  Wasn’t it fun to be out later than you were supposed to be?  It was fun to spend the night at a friends…uhhhhh…never mind!  Mother reads this!  I only have a few childhood secrets left.  Maybe I will keep this silly little one. 

Pranks are fun!  Were you still on the giving or receiving end of a prank this year?  If you were, I only hope it was all in fun and totally harmless.  Those are the best.  No hurt feelings.  No jail time.  Usually just some kinds of clean-up time involved.

Never Grow Up! 

Have Fun!

Be Sassy!

Happy Trick or Treat!


Sassy Entertainment

Honest!  My Garage Sale is not an attempt to bore you! 

Day #1 of the garage sale was a success!  Believe me when I say there is still enough “stuff” to have a full day on day #2. 

Three of us stayed busy all morning and into the afternoon.  Thank goodness my Mother called the night before and said she will be here to help.  Hoorah for Mother!  I didn’t even ask for her help.  Mother’s just don’t get any better than this.  (Love you Mother!)  To be honest, there is no way this could have happened without her help.  She has always thought of herself as a non-sales-person.  Well, I think she has missed her calling. 

She decorates beautifully!  When someone would pick up one item, she immediately would be showing them another that would compliment the one in their hand.  Me, I was in a “git-‘er-done” mode.  Sometimes I didn’t know which way I was going – but since when is that new?!

We did have a little entertainment though.  The lady in “blue” was interesting.  It appears she decided to shoplift.  I wouldn’t have minded if it were something of mine, but it appears she took something that belonged to another customer!  Now that’s low!  Had it been anything of mine, I probably would have given it to her.  My purpose of having this garage sale is two-fold; (a) a little money and (b) to get rid of the “stuff“.  She wouldn’t have been the 1st person I gave something to.  Oh well, some people…

What is/was your Sassy Entertainment for the day?

Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign

Wow!  I am not an expert in Garage Sales…infact, I think it would be easier to sell the garage!  Did I mention it’s attached to the house I’m renting?!

How do professional garage sellers do it?  Geeeeez!  The house has been a wreck for two weeks.  There is a path through the garage.  My level of confusion is rating at about 110% right now.  This will be day one of two big days! 

Then there’s another dilema, the pricing factor.  Some say start at half the original cost.  Others say to price cheap.  Don’t price cheap.  What’s a girl to do?!

Money!  Money!  Money!  I want money for all the hard work going into this!  More than that, I want it (the stuff) to just go away.  Let’s put the math to this.  Two weeks work and money spent for making this gig work, and if I make about $200 (and I hope for oodles more!)  That would be about 2¢ per hour.  Ok!  You caught me!  I’m not good at math!  Personally, the donation method is sounding really really good to me.

Garage sales for me are tough though!  Only have had one other garage sale in my life.  I am still in the training wheel stages, and I’m not too sure I wanna’ grow out of them!  Let’s see.  There is the price of poster board, tags, and the garage sale fee.  I tried to have this silly sale for three days!  I think here they are afraid three days in a row will indicate I am making a career of this bonanza.  I’m already in the hole and the doors haven’t opened yet.   Ahhhh…that old addage – “You have to spend money to make money”!  Can I shoot the guy that thought that one up?

This year the Trick is to pull this thing off.  The Treat will be when it’s all over and eveything is gone!

Cheers!  Here is to a Sassy Garage Sale!

Come One ~ Come All!

Oh!  …and bring your money!

Game 1: Rangers vs. Giants

Well, I am just going to believe the Rangers had the pre-Series jitters for their 1st World Series Game. Congrats to the Giants for their win tonight…I won’t show that I’m a sore loser…  Oh!  I know the Giants were supposed to be listed 1st because they were the home field, but the Rangers are my team!

This is the 1st time the Texas Rangers have ever been in the World Series!  Congrats Boys!  You made it to the best of the best!  We know you can do it!  We know you will do it! 

Geez, maybe I need to be in the locker room giving the pep-talk.  Hmmm…I wonder how well that would go over with the Rangers?  I’m a mom, I know how to give pep talks.   Been doing it for over 30 years.  I think I’m well-trained.  Still, if one of  ’em is reading this, I’m sure they’ve locked and bolted the doors by now.

Regardless…GO RANGERS!  You can do it in the next 4 games!  I have faith!

P.S. Please, Texas Hill Country – don’t be mad at me for liking and sharing this picture from your Facebook page!

Washed Out Bridges

Right now, there is washed out bridge in my life. 

Please excuse me while I blow up my raft…I will be back tomorrow.  There is always a way…no matter what…no matter how things look, we can always make it across the river.  So here I go, I have my waders ready too.

(This hand pump is slow biz!)

Smiles up!  Have a great day!

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