Is a Mistake Really a Mistake?

Sometimes you think there is no way everything will work out.  You have faith.  You look for workable solutions.  Aim for the perfect ending.  At the same time, you look at the situation and wonder how in the world will it all happen.

Out of the blue, answers start falling in your lap from places never expected.

A friend stopped by tonight and is wanting a ride to Ohio.  She is willing to help me drive the truck.  What a blessing!

Dinner was late, I  pulled the World’s Greatest Greek Hot Dog Sauce out of the freezer for a quick thaw.  Building the hot dogs – – – lo and behold – I pulled out the spaghetti sauce.  Italian Hot Dogs have been on the “to try” list for quite some time…just never thought about it at the appropriate time.  Well, tonight just happened to be the night…by mistake.  What a nice mistake.

I’ll leave you with just one thought for today:

If a mistake turns out nice, is it really a mistake?


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  1. Leah Michaels
    Mar 30, 2011 @ 11:44:10

    Yes, people think of the word ‘mistake’ as a negative word but really it’s not. There are equal good mistakes as there is bad, it depends if your a glass half full person, it was a pleasure to read this post. x LM x

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