Motivation – or Lack Thereof!

With less than one week until a garage sale and three weeks until a move, one would think I would have all the motivation in the world.

Yesterday, I think someone stole mine!  I need it back!  I want it back! 

Procrastination and I have been good friends but I have learned to some-what put him behind me.  Problem is, he has been blocking my way the last few days.  Procrastination is a bully!  I hate school yard bullies!  I’m ready stand up for myself and punch him in the nose!  I know – I know, violence ~ but sometimes you gotta’ to do what you gotta’ do. 

Wouldn’t you think knowing I will be near most of my kids (which is something I am really looking forward to) would be enough motivation for me to whip right through things?  hmmmmm…….for some reason, IT’sNotWorking!

I know it’s not all because of leaving the warm weather for the cold!  Course, that doesn’t help any.  <grin>  Knowing I will miss my family here doesn’t help with motivation either.  <snivel ~ snivel>

Thanks to long distance friends, I have found a “little” motivation.

Time to saddle up and ride again.  The quicker mission accomplished, the sooner life becomes “normal”!  …whatever that is!

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