Ice Cream for Dinner?

Let’s see, to classify something as a habit, one must repeat the action over and over on a regular basis.

Thank Goodness!  I guess I am safe….this time!

Unfortunately, eating late is not unusual.  My choice time would be early evening so I can enjoy time afterwards.  It doesn’t matter if the repast is sustenance dining for a gourmet meal.  I guess this is why I often burn the midnight oil.

What is your favorite time of day to eat? 

If you eat at a certain time do you feel better? 

Do  you have more energy?

Well, dinner is complete – it is now past midnight!  Holy Cow!  you say…

Tonight I wanted to be a very bad girl!  I wanted ice cream for dinner…but my Mommie would probably make a trip to my house and spank me!  Did I have ice cream?  NO!  I have no ice cream!  It just wasn’t going to happen.

If you don’t know me, you will know this is very unusual ~ ice cream for a main course.  But unusual times call for unusual measures.  Normally, I am a cook.  Usually a very good cook, even studied with a master chef.  Sometimes, that doesn’t matter!  I just wanted ice cream for dinner.  I still want ice cream!  Is Sonic open???

Remind me – some day I will show you how to make an ice cream baked potato!


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  1. kyle
    Oct 17, 2010 @ 10:45:00

    Hate to eat dinner after seven, I don’t sleep as well, your body doesn’t metabolize as well and burn the calories as fast when you are asleep.
    If you had dinner this late, and its now after midnight, then your ice cream is actually your breakfast 😛

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