Game 1: Rangers vs. Giants

Well, I am just going to believe the Rangers had the pre-Series jitters for their 1st World Series Game. Congrats to the Giants for their win tonight…I won’t show that I’m a sore loser…  Oh!  I know the Giants were supposed to be listed 1st because they were the home field, but the Rangers are my team!

This is the 1st time the Texas Rangers have ever been in the World Series!  Congrats Boys!  You made it to the best of the best!  We know you can do it!  We know you will do it! 

Geez, maybe I need to be in the locker room giving the pep-talk.  Hmmm…I wonder how well that would go over with the Rangers?  I’m a mom, I know how to give pep talks.   Been doing it for over 30 years.  I think I’m well-trained.  Still, if one of  ’em is reading this, I’m sure they’ve locked and bolted the doors by now.

Regardless…GO RANGERS!  You can do it in the next 4 games!  I have faith!

P.S. Please, Texas Hill Country – don’t be mad at me for liking and sharing this picture from your Facebook page!


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