Interesting Twist…

Something has been weighing heavy on my mind the last few days and I have a strong need to blow a fuse.

Before deciding to even move, a friend said “my house is yours”.  The a couple of nights ago, I was informed that if I brought my little dog, his dogs would kill and eat my furry little white kid.  When all was agreed upon, I knew he had outdoor dogs but did not realize some were now indoor dogs.  Guess I should have asked.  My boo-boo!

Now this is totally unacceptable to me!  I like my furry little dirty white kid!  He is part of my family.

So, instead of throwing a temper tantrum, which I don’t have time for, I am now looking for a place to live that is 1,300 miles away.

As Eeyore would say ooooooohhhhhhh-weeeeeeeelllll.

About Eeyore:  This is the neatest collection of Eeyore’s!  Visit his site at

I am going to contact Mr. Woodman because I have yet to seek permission to use his picture.   This is just a FYI because it may disappear if he does not give his approval.


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