It Didn’t Pay to Think

With prepping for the garage sale and move over the last month housekeeping has not been a top priority.  I’ve tried to keep things picked up as well as possible by vacuuming, sweeping and running the Swiffer mop across the floors.

Well, I thought I was doing better than I was!  Darn it!  After the rooster rug was rolled up from the dining room floor and there was a definite color difference in the tiles.  It’s easy to believe that if the tiles had been sealed before moving in, this might not be quit the job today.  (It’s a rent house.)

This morning I have tried about six or seven different methods of cleaning the floor.  I want the quickest and the best job.  By golly!  I think I’ve found it.  Thank goodness the weather is nice enough to open the doors for ventilation.  After filling an old spray bottle with *ammonia, undiluted, I spray the floor liberally then use my trusty new blue scrub mop.  (It’s been around for a while but it wasn’t labeled as a scrubber.)  To give myself even more work, I use a rag and clean hot water to wipe clean.

*I had rather use vinegar but I don’t have enough for the floors and other cleaning.


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