Lost in Confusion

This trip is happening – slowly but surely!

Being that I hate driving…I really mean H-A-T-E driving…I am taking my time in driving.

The confusion is not in the driving.  That’s been in me trying to connect to the internet.  Remember me telling you I have a VAIO?  It has those two silly arrows that go different directions?  Well, every night I have been able to connect to the internet but I haven’t been able to get on the internet.

So, as I sit at Days Inn in the office, I am writing a quick update.

The scenery has been beautiful through Tennessee and Kentucky.  As it was about five o’clock traffic time in Louisville, I opted to call it a night and save Louisville and Cincinnati for tomorrow morning after the rush hour traffic.

As far as Days Inn, I have to say it’s a nice clean room and the desk clerk, Danielle, has been fabulous!  She even came to my room to try to connect my internet.  (Smiles and Thanks to Danielle!!!)

My plans are to be parked tomorrow evening and unload into an already purchased storage space on Friday.

Oh, and the furry dirty little white kid, he is scheduled for a grooming.  Guess we don’t need too much San Antonio dirt in Ohio.

I’m off for a Sassy Good Night’s Sleep and Destination Drive tomorrow!


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