1621 Rumors and Today

It’s rumored in 1621 Pilgrims and Native Americans participated in 3 days of Thanksgiving. 

Well, this year we have it whittled down to one day.  I don’t know about the 3 day thing with only Mom doing all the food.  Today shall be as interesting as the fall of 1621.  After it’s over, I am running away!  It all started 2 days before Thanksgiving when I was informed I would be doing all the cooking.  None of the food was even purchased.  There is an unfortunante and sad reason for this, but last-minute surprises can or cannot be fun.  You need to remember, all of this is happening in a strange-to-me-kitchen and none of my customary tools, pots and pans.  Oh how I miss my knife block and thick bottomed pans………All the kiddo’s and near-kiddo’s will be happy for the Mom-cooked-meal.  I suppose that’s why the guest list continues to grow.

Today I have one son and his family who is missing from today’s festivities but as far as missing them, they have no idea how much!


Have the Happiest of Thanksgivings

Recent Reasons for me to give Thanks!

1.  I am near most of my children and their children

2.  We have a new house to move into

3.  A child and his family took us in while house looking

4.  The gas will be turned on in the new place on Tuesday and we will have heat!

5.  This empty nester will soon chirp again!

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