Seeds of Life

The seeds of life are a wonderful thing.

The seeds I’m thinking about are seeds to be planted in soil, nurtured and turned into simply wonderful food!

When the weather gets cold my mind turns to the garden.  My general rule of thumb is to wait until after Christmas and the holidays.  This year, I’m a little early but that’s okay too.

Yesterday I came across a wonderful site.  So many goodies that are not GMO (Genetically Modified Organism).  I’ve never saved my seeds because the seeds I had saved never germinated.  Silly me!  I didn’t realize that someone had been playing with Mother Nature!

This is where I will be buying seeds this year for most of my garden plants.  I may even play with growing some veggies in the basement.  After doing reading, it is apparently simple to grow potatoes in a basement.  Who would have thought!?

Besides the GMO-free seeds, there is another reasons I like the idea of ordering from that’s their shipping, it’s free for purchases over $20 and if you don’t want to spend that much, the shipping is only $2 for an entire order up to $20. 

They also have herb seeds, flower seeds and other necessities for gardening.

Okay, I’m off to dream and plan…


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