Freezing with NO Heat!

This is a vent, a rant and rave, and I’m so furious and flabbergasted you cannot imagine!

Kid #2 has two small children at home.  Their furnace went out.  In an effort to provide for his family, he called:

Yates and Young Heating and Plumbing

1501 Lima Ave.

Findlay, Ohio 45840

(419) 423-2362

Well, because someone had opened the furnace door and determined the board was out on the heating unit, Yates and Young refused to do the work.

I personally called and spoke to the woman who answered the phone.  It also did NOT matter that Kid #2 has cash in hand.  Just unbelievable!

In no way was she going to send a technician out to their house to fix the furnace.  It didn’t matter that there were two small children in the home.  “We have decided we are not going to do the work!”

It is just incomprehensible to me that a person would be willing to let a single person, much less a family go without heat in temperatures that are in the mid teens and will drop to single digit tonight.


My apologies for the flames shooting out of your computer.  I am just livid!

Bless the next company called!  They are wonderful!

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December 2010
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