Kid #5

It’s another special day in this family.

My little Sweet Pea, my youngest and my only little girl is celebrating the joys of her last year of being a teenager.

No, she doesn’t have antlers.  That’s a big brother behind her…he’s the one being devilish!

If you have kids, I’m sure you have said many many times “they grow up too fast”.  They sure do! 

This is my baby, the youngest.  She is my only girl.  I think I’ve said before, she is my “one and only”…

  • the only girl
  • the only blue-eyed child
  • the only one born with red hair
  • …the list goes on

For the 1st year and a half, she wore dresses.  That was Mom’s doing.  Once she discovered pants, there was no way she was going to wear a dress!  (sssssssshhhhhh…don’t tell her, but I do have a picture of her in an evening gown while she was on a cruise.)  When she was in Jr. High, she used to declare that if she ever got married, “I’m NOT wearing a dress!”

Mom misses the days she was about two years old and would tell me she wanted to go to “turrrrrrrch”.

Then at about the same age, with four brothers, she didn’t want to be a “grill”.  She wanted to be a boy.  I think she felt out-numbered.  Who wouldn’t?!

But as she as grown into a lovely young lady, she has found herself and has morphed into a beautiful person…both inside and out!

I love you Sweet Pea! 

Happy Birthday!


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