Diatomaceous Earth, Beer or Dryer Lint

You must be thinking I have lost my mind.

Well, if you garden, you are probably already thinking about what you are planting.  You mentally have your garden plotted. 

If you are in an area with slugs and snails, they too are anxiously awaiting your garden.

There are several options:


Purchase diatomaceous earth.  As the slimey critters crawl across the diatomaceous earth, it acts as cut glass or razor blades across their exoskeleton.  Their life is greatly shortened.

Use your husband’s beer.  Is that a very good idea?  If it’s okay with him, pour beer into jar lids, the little buggers crawl in and drown.

Dryer Lint.  This is very economical and my personal favorite!  Collect the lint from your clothes dryer lint tray.  I stash mine in a trash bag near the dryer. 

After planting your precious babies, take the lint and make collars around the base of each plant the slugs or snail visit.  Water the lint.  It stays in place!  As the plant grows larger, you will no longer see the lint.

How does dryer lint work?  With clothing fibers, its action is like that of the diatomaceous earth with large cost savings.

Happy Sassy Gardening this Spring!


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