Friends and Neighborhoods

Today I am bringing you a treat.  Michael, an internet friend, and I are collaborating on this article.

In times past, most of your daily friendships began in the neighborhood.  Usually, it began with your next door neighbor. 

Over the last few decades, with convenient transportation, TV and other conveniences, your neighbor has become someone across town, or an internet friend.

With so much uncertainty in the world we want to show you the need to restore the neighborhood community

“Back in the day” when a new neighbor moved in, you met your neighbors and had become “neighborly” in a short period of time. 

Men would stop by and help unload the truck (unless you had a moving company); ladies dropped by with a plate full of cookies and occasionally one neighbor would bring over a casserole for your 1st dinner in your new home.

Your newly acquired friends would discuss many things, including jobs, and hobbies.  Mrs. Smith told you about the domino game on Friday nights at her house.  Joe might invite you over to see his new custom hot rod.  Jane offers to pet-sit since she loves animals. 

This introduction period eliminates the need for the Welcome Wagon.  Your neighborhood was your Welcome Wagon.  You learned where women liked to shop for groceries and kids clothing.  Other services would include their favorite dry cleaners, car repair shop, bowling alley, movie theatre, and the list goes on and on.
In an effort to unify  and re-gain the feel of the “old neighborhood”, Michael and I have created a blog. 

We would love to have you join us.  There will be ideas on how to become neighborly again, sharing and trading ideas and just plain ol’ bartering.

Please, we would love to have you join us no matter where in this beautiful world you live. 

Neighbor By Neighbor

Just remember,

this Sassy gal will still be right here at

Sassy Condiments!


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