They Grow Up

We all know our kids grow up but does that mean we approve?

Sure, some days, we can hardly wait for them to grow up and have a place of their own.  Especially during the teenage years when they know everything

Well, they have grown up!  They all have their own lives.  Kid #4 has been staying here for a few weeks; Kid #5 is away for 5 months in training.   Looks like Kid #4 will be embarking on a new adventure beginning this weekend.  The nest will be empty once again.

Years ago, a daydream began in my head.  It began with a large piece of property that each can build their own homes on.  No one would have to give up their privacy but we could all be a family.  Not only would it be fun, this dream would allow us to be self-sustaining — for the most part.  Never have liked the idea of having to weave my own toilet paper. 

With the land, we would grow our own food, raise a few animals, help each other, and work in unity.  With a group, we would have many strengths.   Some of us have built our own homes in our heads. 

Kid #4 wants a papercrete house.

There are so may variations and styles.  This is an example from a school in London.

My choice – an earthbag house.

The adobe look has always appealed to me.  More than that, with thick walls, it would be energy-efficient.  They can be built with traditional look for they can be built for efficiency. 

Dreams do have a plus side.  We never see the negative.  Guess what!  In life, we do not have to see the negative.  We do not need to accept the negative, instead, go forth with only the positive, turn every negative into a challenge that will become a blessing.

As the economy changes, some of the children are beginning to have the same dreams.  Some are wise enough to know and are blazing a path that will lead them to the same dream.

What can I say?


Be Sassy!

Fulfill your dreams…


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