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As a mother of grown children and a pesky little Bichon, life have thrown many interesting twists my way.  This little blog is to share some of my adventures as well as mis-adventures.  Is that even a word?  Well, I may make up a few words along the way as I have over the years.  I hope you enjoy this little ride.  Just remember, not all condiments are created equal.


The Reason for Sassy Condiments

When I originally named this blog, I had in mind the fun and tantalizing condiments we eat on our food.  There are so many variations of even just one condiment, let’s say mustard.  You know the list; yellow mustard, honey mustard, Dijon, fruit mustard, wine mustard, beer mustard, mustard, mustard, mustard!  Have you ever stopped to think about how would life be without mustard, much less all the other delightful condiments?

After pondering this, I decided that life itself is spiced with condiments, the little things in life that spice up our day.

In December, my 92 year old Grandmother moved in with us.  She is no longer able to take care of herself.  The Sassy Condiment in life since then has been the dementia and Alzheimer’s slowly trying to make their appearance.  I would call this a Sassy Condiment, sassy being the key word here.

Neither disease is something we look forward to but it does give the taste of life a new flavor.  We learn to take this new condiment and work with it.  When you are going through recipes and you find a condiment that sounds intriguing, you then have to decide what to do with it.  How are you going to serve it? What will be the best meat or veggie to go with this?  Well, daily we are trying to decide just how to do this with the Sassy Condiments we have been given.

Enough for the dementia and Alzheimer’s for now.  This blog is about life, recipes, the ups and downs, the crazy, zany delightful thing called life and everything in it.

Welcome to my world and I hope you enjoy your visits.  I can promise some days will be top of the world and others will be the pits.   Just remember, not all condiments are created equal.



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