2 for 1

Love it!

…and I am truly glad you like the Espresso Marshmallows.

Thanks Roger!

In the event you are wondering what that is about, Roger received a package of Espresso Marshmallows because I needed to borrow his taste buds!  You see, Roger is an Espresso expert!  So I needed the best in the biz!  Remember Roger?  He is Moto Espresso in California.

Check out what Roger had to say about the Espresso Marshmallows!  It’s under the comment and you can find it by clicking here!

Second on the Agenda today…

The other day I said that I wanted to bring you The Vendor’s Bible at a lesser cost to you.  That has been really bugging me because I know everyone has to watch their penny spending.

On that note, The VENDOR’s Bible will now be available in an electronic format.  Each form will be personalized for you and your business alone.  This reduces my cost and in turn allows you to print the form(s) you need when you want them. 

If you have specific needs, we will address those together before the files are sent to you.

Highly Customized

Individualized for you and your business!

Check it out here!

Gourmet Espresso Marshmallows

Need a wake me up while your coffee is brewing or

a little pick me up in the middle of the day? 

Have one of these jewels! 

Gourmet Espresso Marshmallows are nestled in a jacket of Ghirardelli chocolate creating a complex flavor of a Mocha Espresso!

18 Gourmet Marshmallows are hand-cut to oversized 1 ½ inch cubes of goodness. 

Additional flavors coming soon.

Gluten Free


Shipping $4.95


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