Ooh! Ooh! I want!!

I have just found a new product that has me so ecstatic I can hardly sit in my chair.

…and I just sold my canning jars because of the move!  If you can, your jars are probably full by now.  In many places, the season is winding down or has ended.  

Planting a garden has many meanings for me.  I love the therapy of playing in the dirt!  When spring arrives, I can hardly wait to get out and start working the ground.  Oh!  According to the old farmers, do you know the ground is ready for working and planting when you can comfortably sit your bare bottom on the ground?  Well, I have never gone to that extreme.  Nor do I don’t want to scare you with a visual!  Also, I wouldn’t want the neighbors call the cops on me due to emotional distress!

The thrill of watching the garden grow, the anticipation of the freshness and the delectable tastes.  My favorite time of the year is canning season (…except when the raccoons strip every single ear of corn off the stalks just days before maturity).  Usually I’m not too sure what the weather is like that time of year because I am in the kitchen watching the dial on the pressure canner or quickly moving batches of jars to and from the water bath canner.

 After going through all the rituals of a garden and preserving the food, do you realize you the lid you are using for the canning jars is lined with a plastic containing BPA?  Now why on earth would you or I want to do that?!

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Tattler has produced a REUSABLE set of gaskets and lids for canning.  When I first saw them, I was skeptical – I figured the prices would be astronomically high, but they are NOT!  Three dozen lids and gaskets (both reusable) are $20.95 for the standard jar and only $23.95 for 3 dozen of the wide mouth lids and gaskets.  First time out of the gate, this is in the vacinity of being 3 times more expensive than regular canning lids.  After reading the testimonials you will see some people are getting 10-20 years of use out of one set.  So, if you get 3 years usage out of one set of gaskets, they are free until they (the gaskets) die.  A dozen replacements are only $2.50…not bad!

I know after the move I will be digging out the canner and at least making jelly using these lids.  If I like them, as the winter progresses, I will add to my collection.  I will be sure to let  you know what the results are once I’ve canned a batch of “something“!  I’m worse than a kid!  I can’t wait!


Free after 3 years use

BPA free

Made in the USA

What could be better?!

I talked with Serena regarding their shipping prices.  They will do their best to save you every penny possible!  Great company!  I am very impressed!!



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