Save that Crusty Pan!

I am making one promise to you.  Sassy Condiments will always be about “real life”.  No candy coating.  It’s the real deal.  Today is one of those days.  It’s of graphic nature.  If you cannot handle the sight of a skillet that looks like the only “help” will come from the local landfill, this is not for  you today.


As a kid, my Mom occasionally made catsup coated hamburger patties.  After the patties are almost cooked, you coat the patty with catsup.  It is a must, a requirement, a law, that you have a lid handy.  Catsup has sugar in it so mixed with the grease from the hamburger, the tiny “spits” don’t feel too great on the bare hands and arms.  You do have to leave them in the pan on low heat long enough for the catsup to caramelize.  This is one of those strange recipes but it comes from childhood.

This is the mess I am left with.  First thought…throw the skillet away!

(This picture was taken after trying to scrape with a metal spatula.)

But there is a saving grace….you I get to keep the skillet.

This works on anything burnt onto the pan…as far as I know.  And in the beginning of my cooking days, I thought the burner always had to be on high.  So there was a major learning curve.  Through experience, it seems that about the only time I have a burner on high is if I am boiling water.  Makes life and food so much better!


Sometimes I hear people say  “less is more”.  Not for me in these circumstances.

Dump Baking Soda in the skillet or pan.

 Add about an inch or so of water. 

Bring to a boil.

This sometimes bubbles and froths,

so you don’t want a spill-over mess on your stove .

It’s not necessary but I scrape the bottom of the skillet while it’s heating.

This does 3 things:

1) gives me something to do

2) helps to remove the goop in the skillet

3) aids in reducing the bubbly froth


 Sometimes it’s difficult to see your progress.

Just keep scraping.

When you either see or feel with the spatula there is little or no goop on the bottom,

Run your sink water as hot as it will get.

Take the skillet to the sink.

SLOWLY pour the contents of the pan down the drain.

AT THE SAME TIME, run hot water in the skillet.

Using a brush remove any lasting goop from the skillet.

I can remember a couple of times I have had to repeat the process.

 Same skillet after only one Baking Soda boil.  Now it’s ready for the regular scrub, soap and water.


I want to apologize if I have taken away anyones fun of Skillet and Pan Scrubbing!




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