Don’t Rush Me!

Some of the advertisements on the radio make me laugh!

Especially the ones that are meant to be serious.

Recently there has been a funeral home that has been shouting out across the air waves.  Now really, why do funeral homes advertise on the radio?  Are you not dying fast enough for them?  Don’t hesitate!  Don’t Delay!  Die Today???  Can’t you just see Billy Mays barking this phrase?  (God rest his soul.)  We all know there will a need some day, but please Mr. don’t rush me!  Besides, when I’m gone, just have my funeral at home.  Save the money.  The living need that for income.  Celebrate my life while I am here!  When I’m gone, what am I going to care if you put me in a pine box or an ornate box with gold and silver?  Because you know, if I do care, I shouldn’t be in the box in the 1st place!

Now don’t laugh!  Didn’t you know that you don’t have to go through the major expenses of a funeral home?

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Now in my mind, there is nothing barbaric or unusual about this other than we have become so modernized and brainwashed into thinking that the ways of our ancestors were….wrong, unethical, uneducated?  The intimate rituals of yesteryear can be comforting to many; to others they may be frightening.  It’s not an all or nothing situation.  You do have options.


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