Drag & Draw UPDATE

Some time ago I told you about the Drag and Draw Gun Vault.

I love the idea.  Sounds great!  There is just one thought that has been brought to my attention since then.

After checking, I found that this nifty gun vault uses batteries.   Now if you are like me (and let’s hope you’re not!),

you may not use this vault for some duration of time.  But when you do…as I said,

my luck (…and you already know Murphy and his Laws are some of my best friends!)

My luck… I would need to use a vaulted gun and the batteries…you guess it!  They would be dead as a door nail!

Do as you like but I wanted to give you an update.  

Me, if I ever need a gun vault…

Just a Sassy Update!

Drag & Draw

The Drag and Draw Gun Vault

I wish it had been available way back when!

The Drag and Draw Gun Vault only opens with your unique fingerprint.   You are able to store 9 (nine) separate prints but my question there is who lets nine people have access to their weapon? 

 Just drag your finger over the sensor and draw.

 Many many moons ago when my youngest two children were babies, I was married to a man who absolutely decided I needed a revolver.  It was a beauty.     I loved it!   Honestly though, I don’t remember what it was but I do remember one of my siblings being very upset that I sold it.  He wanted it. More


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