Festival & Fair Vending 101

I know I have been MIA for a couple of days but life has been very busy.

Several months ago, I was honored with the request of editing a book for Michael Wier.  As it turned out, I became the contributing editor.  So, I am very proud of me but more than that, I am proud to present you with the information Michael has so graciously shared with all of us.


as of yesterday afternoon, it was complete! 

Festival & Fair Vending 101

You can buy it HERE ~ just click.

This has been an interesting project with lots of ups and downs.   But we both survived and are flying high.

Michael spent 30 years as a vendor on the road with his family.  He has worked the small festivals, the mid-sized festivals and fairs as well as the large county fairs, carnies included.  Over a number of years, he was accepted by the carnies and he has a story to tell!

If you are starting a vending business, his writings will also aid in determining whether or not this may be a life you want to follow.  He will help you avoid some of the financial mud holes, the deep pits and even the emotional let-downs by helping you prepare for unknown territory.  In the same style, Michael has pointers for those who have established a vending life.

It doesn’t matter if you are vending sand art, fruit pies, fried beer, or glow in the dark bracelets, there are hints, tips and tricks we can all learn.

My favorite chapter has to be Not So Fun Times.  WOW!  This is an eye-opener!  This chapter is for those who are thinking of the “serious-big-time” move of working the large fairs with the carnies and living with their ethics – or maybe their lack thereof.  Come to think of it, it actually works both ways.  If you are like me, you will spend several days thinking about this chapter as the images seem to linger.

Happy Sassy Reading


Happy Sassy Vending!



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