Goosey Night

Did you survive Goosey Night?  Or did you participate in Cabbage Night?

Are you asking what Goosey Night is? 

Goosey night is the night before Halloween.  Some of the other names are Mischief night or Cabbage night.  Until the last few years, I really didn’t know there was a name for the night before Halloween.  Well, I do remember few other names.  One year, somewhere around my Senior year in High School, I remember there was a witch’s convention in the same town I lived in.  Never mind – I am talking about the Mischief!  the Fun!  the Pranks!

Did you ever make Mr. Whipple proud?

As a  teenager did you ever TP (toilet paper) a house?  What kind of pranks did you play on your friends or neighbors?  Wasn’t it fun to be out later than you were supposed to be?  It was fun to spend the night at a friends…uhhhhh…never mind!  Mother reads this!  I only have a few childhood secrets left.  Maybe I will keep this silly little one. 

Pranks are fun!  Were you still on the giving or receiving end of a prank this year?  If you were, I only hope it was all in fun and totally harmless.  Those are the best.  No hurt feelings.  No jail time.  Usually just some kinds of clean-up time involved.

Never Grow Up! 

Have Fun!

Be Sassy!

Happy Trick or Treat!


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