Hurry Up and WAIT!

Today I had the joy of casting my votes early.  Now I have to wait until November 2 to find out how the tournament ends.

No, I am not a kiss and tell kinda’ gal!  Many of my friends will know the direction…but shhhhhhhh!  It’s a secret!

This year, the mid-term elections are creating quite a stir.  Record numbers are turning out to vote early all across the country.  That is awesome!  I’m not going to get into my personal politics here.  I have other places to do that.  And believe me, I am not shy about my beliefs. 

The point is, I hope you are not shy about your beliefs!  Regardless of how you feel, have the information to back up your beliefs.  Don’t be timid!  Fight for your beliefs.  That’s what this great country is about.  We still have the right(s) to believe the way we want and we still have freedom of speech to share those beliefs.

Really?  You are too quiet to tell others about your beliefs?  Ok.  I guess I will buy that, if you say so. I just have one request though.  Don’t be too silent.  Make sure you voice your beliefs at the voting polls.

Now here is my beef for the day:  When I got to the front of the line to give the lady my information, I politely requested a paper ballot.  I know, people like me are a pain in the gluteus maxamus.  But I wanted to believe my vote counts.  Hmmmm…evidently if you live in Bexar County, Texas you are not allowed to have a paper ballot unless you meet certain criteria.  I guess I didn’t meet their requirements because she wouldn’t even address this.  I voted.  Under protest!  …but my children would have been proud of me…I didn’t make scene!


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