Ice Cream for Dinner?

Let’s see, to classify something as a habit, one must repeat the action over and over on a regular basis.

Thank Goodness!  I guess I am safe….this time!

Unfortunately, eating late is not unusual.  My choice time would be early evening so I can enjoy time afterwards.  It doesn’t matter if the repast is sustenance dining for a gourmet meal.  I guess this is why I often burn the midnight oil.

What is your favorite time of day to eat? 

If you eat at a certain time do you feel better? 

Do  you have more energy?

Well, dinner is complete – it is now past midnight!  Holy Cow!  you say…

Tonight I wanted to be a very bad girl!  I wanted ice cream for dinner…but my Mommie would probably make a trip to my house and spank me!  Did I have ice cream?  NO!  I have no ice cream!  It just wasn’t going to happen.

If you don’t know me, you will know this is very unusual ~ ice cream for a main course.  But unusual times call for unusual measures.  Normally, I am a cook.  Usually a very good cook, even studied with a master chef.  Sometimes, that doesn’t matter!  I just wanted ice cream for dinner.  I still want ice cream!  Is Sonic open???

Remind me – some day I will show you how to make an ice cream baked potato!


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