Making Friends in Unexpected Places

We all meet people and make friends from some rather unusual and unexpected places.

Never in all of my life would I have thought I would be a Face Book user.  Then with kids, sometimes you try to keep up the best way you can.  Through this process of trying to keep in close contact with my children, I have made some new friends, friends I deeply cherish!

Friendships are such a valuable part of my life.  As I am writing this, I feel as though I have lost a very dear friend.  No, nothing has happened to him other than he had personal reasons for leaving Face Book.  Sometimes our long time friends do not share the same political and religious views.  When they see things in black and white, it begins to affect those relationships.   It is funny, peculiar funny, how people will take us at face value when we are actually face-to-face.  Yet when we etch the core of our thoughts into something more permanent, things change, attitudes change, reality changes.

This is something I am very guilty of, sharing more than maybe I should.  I feel strongly about both my religion and my politics and I am freely voicing or writing my thoughts and opinions, sharing what I think is relevant information.  Maybe sometimes they – my thoughts  – become burdensome to others.  I hope not but if they do I apologize, I apologize if it offends you.  Please know that I am just me and I am not one that keeps things welled up inside.  I care about God and I care about the direction I feel this wonderful country should be going.

You my friend, I hope you are reading this because I truly think of you as a friend and will miss your thoughts, your views and your writings…and just knowing you are in this world each evening.

Boa Noite Amiga

Nós falaremos em breve.


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