Memory Lane

The last few days have been interesting.  Though the days have been long, filled with little sleep, I have had an interesting journey.  Only a small portion of this tiresome move has traversed to a memory but my mind has been flooded with more than I could have ever anticipated.

As I have gone through the boxes of paperwork, photographs, and trinkets some unique memories have drifted across my mind.  Okay!  That’s not entirely true.  You know, there are the ones that pop in my head and make me laugh.  Others have jolted me out of my dreamy memories.  Some make me sad as I miss the people who are no longer with us.  I have been sad because my little babies have grown up.  I have been elated because my babies have grown up!  There are memories of camping trips, potty training puppies and house-breaking kids.  Ahhhhh…cars, they evoke memories of friends and the silly things we did.  Nothing special about any of this except they are special because they are mine.  Pictures of houses that I had long ago forgotten.  Have you ever noticed that when you see a picture of a home you once lived in, a movie of special scenes unfold before your eyes?  You feel as though you are in that very moment in time.

Gingerly, I have held some of the drawings that have hung on the refrigerator.  Some were drawn with Crayola’s and others were fit for framing.  Christmas ornaments made from tomato paste cans or popsicle stick stars with photos in the middle have created a cascade of joys in my mind.

My life has been so blessed by all those little hands, temper tantrums, tears, laughter, and an inconceivable amount of love.  I would not trade one minute of my life with my children and I thank the Lord above for all these beautiful hearts and souls He has entrusted in my care over the years.



June 2018
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