My Life in 26 Feet

The last few days, the only thought that has prevailed in my mind has been 26 Feet.

This has to be a loop tape in my head! 

Twenty. Six. Feet.

The move to San Antonio was 53 feet of space in a semi-trailer for moving.  This move will be in a 26 foot Penske truck.  It’s not as wide.  It’s not as tall.  It’s definitely not as long.  Since moving here, there have been purchases.  Not many, but a few.

What to keep.  What to sell.  What to send to the local landfill.  Some decisions are thoughtless.  Others, well, they are consuming quite a bit of head space.  There is something different about this move though.  I really don’t know how to explain it other than maybe it’s time to leave some baggage behind.  Just the “things” that start to clutter our lives.  “Things” I just thought I had to have when I bought them! 

But what are “things“?  They are material things.  Personal things like pictures are thoughtless – those are a #1 keeper.  The dining room set that my Great Grandmother bought the year I was born, that’s a keeper.   The bed, well, I’m spoiled!  I like a mattress!  That’s a luxury but I call it a necessity!  I’m too old for hard floors.  Tools.  Those are keepers.  Doesn’t matter if they are garage or kitchen – they are tools that can make a living.

Well, I think I am finally wrapping my head around

Twenty. Six. Feet. 


September 2018
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