Oh What Fun It Is…

Yes, oh what fun it is…

Christmas time is such a fun time for me.  Not only are there the past memories that flood my mind but the new ones each year.

This year, it was putting up the tree then waiting several days for a couple of young guys with strong arms to bring the furniture in from the garage.  That’s right.  After the boxes were emptied, the tree went up.  Life needed to feel a little on the normal side, at least normal for the season.

With the furniture, I’m in love with my cozy little livingroom.  The diningroom….uhhhh, it’s going to take a little more time and a little more work. 

There are two sideboards that should set side-by-side in this alcove under the windows on the right.  Only there is just one itty-bitty problem.  Either the alcove is a smidgen too little or…

the sideboards are a little too large.  There is a remedy, but it won’t be forthcoming until this weekend.  A friend is going to trim down the inside to each sideboard so they will slip right in.  These two pieces have always been set side-by-side.  They are fantastic when setting up a buffet!  All this will do is take away a little of the gap due to the overhang.  You can see what I mean.  It’s just sooooo close!

The trim job should do the trick!  Then the shelves can be put back in and there will be space for dishes, pizza stones, a few cookbooks and oddities.  I will be so thrilled to have the diningroom in order!

The rest of the Christmas decorations this  year will be the children and their children when they fill the house!  I am so excited!

Have a Sassy Time Decorating!


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